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This book was conceived and written with the goal of providing students of Uzbek (as well as Uzbek language professionals) with a more in-depth look at compound verbs. With this in mind, we have attempted to provide explanations for the various contexts, environments and forms in which they occur as well as the limitations and parameters that govern them.

This book is divided in two: part one works only to address simple verbs, while part two is devoted exclusively to compound verbs. The former half is meant not only to be a quick review of the more basic components of this system, but also to ensure that there is no ambiguity with regard to the technical vocabulary used in the latter half as all such terms will be identified. Additionally, the grammatical terms used throughout are the same as those found in Khayrulla Ismatulla's Uzbek Textbook (Dunwoody Press, 2001). The main source for examples was A Comprehensive Uzbek-English Dictionary (Mamatov, Horlick and Kadirova, 2011).

Uzbek Verbs Grammar and Usage

  • ISBN: 978-1-931546-94-2

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