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This book is intended for advanced Urdu language students at ILR Level 3+.

Selections are arranged in the order of Urdu language difficulty, from the easy and simple to the more difficult and complex. Each selection has a vocabulary list, followed by notes to provide the student with historic or cultural information. All selections have an English translation to help the student. A glossary is also provided at the end of the book.

This reader contains 18 selections about various aspects of Islam as understood and explained by the renowned religious scholars in Pakistan. These selections cover a wide range of topics, including God and the universe, life after death, and Islam’s moral, judicial, and spiritual systems. Moreover, selections like “The Importance of Community Service in Islam” and “The Status of Woman in Islam” explain the Islamic perspective on the important social issues faced by people in their everyday lives. Similarly, the selections “Zakat” and “Hajj” offer an insight into two of the five pillars of Islam.

5 audio CDs included.

Urdu Islamic Reader

  • ISBN: 978-1-931546-92-8

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