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The dictionary contains over 23,800 entries, with over 19,300 one-word and over 4,500 multi-word lexical items. The methodological framework used in this dictionary can be described as cross-cultural cognitive linguistics. The notion of ‘colloquial’ is more a part of spoken style than written style. When applicable, One-word entries consist of a headword with marked stress, part of speech and inflectional tag(s), alternative form(s), definition in standard English, nonstandard English equivalent, regional label, attitude label, etymological labels, literal meaning, form in standard language, example and translation, and cross-reference. Multiword entries, when applicable, consist of the multiword lexical unit, grammar label, equivalent(s), regional, domain, and attitude labels (see above), example, and translation. The major ethnic and regional variations covered in the dictionary include the following: Bosnian, Bosnian Muslim, Croatian, Dinaric, Kajkavian, Mediterranean, Montenegrin, Southern Serbian, Serbian, Serbian Ekavian, Vojvodinian, and Yugoslav guest workers in Germany. An English-SerboCroatian index includes all one word lexical entries.

SerboCroatian - English Colloquial Dictionary

  • ISBN: 978-1-881265-71-9

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