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This work is the first edition of the continuing series of the Punjabi-English Dictionary. It contains approximately 2,500 main entries. The purpose of this book is to assist beginning and intermediate students of Pakistani Punjabi.

Two main sources of written data are the daily Punjabi newspapers Khabran and Bhulekha published in Lahore, Pakistan between January and December, 2009. Another source is the audios of unrehearsed conversations of native Punjabi speakers living in Punjab province in Pakistan.

Entry selection was based on frequency in the Punjabi newspaper corpus and the audio colloquial Punjabi, with a focus on Punjabi words contained in both.

In each entry, the headword is provided in Perso-Arabic script along with romanization follow by part of speech, definition, and one (or more) Punjabi example with English translation.

Punjabi-English Dictionary

  • ISBN: 978-1-931546-89-8

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