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This reader introduces the intermediate student to three Punjabi varieties spoken in Punjab province in Pakistan: Lahori, Pothohari, and Saraiki. It is assumed that the student using this reader already has a basic knowledge of Punjabi vocabulary and grammar, and has access to the Punjabi-English Dictionary (ISBN: 978-1-931546-89-8). The language used in this reader is based on recorded extempore conversations of native speakers in Pakistan. The conversations are divided into twelve selections covering topics that range from everyday life issues of the common man to Pakistani politics. Each selection contains a transcribed conversation followed by a vocabulary list. Words are arranged in order of occurrence, with pronunciation, part of speech and translation provided. Words occurring in forms that are different from their citation forms are included in the vocabulary list to assist the student along with the original citation forms. Verb labels provided as part of speech refer to information included in the verb charts at the end of the reader. The pronunciation follows the format used in the dictionary, except where otherwise indicated. Notes containing cultural and grammatical information follow the vocabulary, with references made to published grammar studies when relevant followed by the English translation of the selection. Charts containing possessives, pronouns, and verb forms and a glossary are provided at the end of the reader. 1 audio CD included.

Punjabi Colloquial Reader: Conversations in Lahori, Pothohari, and Saraiki

  • ISBN: 978-1-931546-93-5

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