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This dictionary is based on the Uporedni recnik vojnih pojmova (A Parallel Dictionary of Military Concepts), published in Belgrade in 1982 by the Military Publishing House. It consists of 14,257 Macedonian headwords arranged in order according to the Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet. Definitions of headwords are often enriched by the Vojni leksikon, published in Belgrade in 1981 also by the Military Publishing House. It should be noted that the dictionary reflects the armed forces of the former Yugoslavia circa 1980, i.e., before the death of Marshal Tito and over a decade before the breakup of the old Yugoslavia. As the former members of the Yugoslav Federation have developed their own practices and institutions, their linguistic usages have also changed. Thus, entries relating to names of organizations, military titles and ranks, some aspects of military doctrine, even specifics of weapons and equipment, etc. must be considered in this political context and time frame.

Macedonian - English Military Dictionary

  • ISBN: 978-1-881265-73-3

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