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Part 1 of this Kurmanji Kurdish Reader is the Grammar section, which completes with Kurmanji alphabet and pronunciation key chart, grammatical explanations with examples taken from the selections.

31 selections in Par 2 reflect the richness of Kurdish language. Due to various socio-political and cultural factors, contemporary Kurdish includes both vast number of words and an assortment of grammatical constructions. The variation in word choice, spelling, and grammar also reflects the fact that authors of those selections are from different area of Kurdistan. While the selections and recordings reflect the original texts, the footnotes present alternative word choices or sentence constructions that are in accordance with standard Kurmanji.

Part 3 consists of English translations of the selections. The selections are translated as faithful to the source material as possible in order to reflect the precise contextual meaning of the source material while maintaining a fluid translation.

Par 4 is the Glossary section in which words taken from the selections are sorted alphabetically.

3 audio CDs included.

Kurmanji Kurdish Reader

  • ISBN: 978-1-931546-33-1

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