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This twenty-three lesson course is designed to be used by students at any proficiency level. The major themes in the book include: Familia ‘the family’, Elimu ‘education’, Kilimo ‘agriculture’, Masoko ‘markets’, Vyakula na Mapishi ‘foods and food preparation (cooking)’, Biashara ‘trade’, Destruri za Arusi ‘wedding and marriage customs’, Karibu Tanzania ‘welcome to Tanzania’, Kujistarehesha ‘recreational activities’, Afya ‘health issues (both modern and traditional health practices)’, Mila na Utamaduni ‘traditional and cultural activities’, Sanna ‘arts and crafts’, Desturi za Dini ‘religious practices’, Historia ‘historical aspects’, and Siasa ‘political events’. For each unit in each of the lessons there is a reading text and essential vocabulary items. Grammar and cultural notes, written in English, are provided.

Kiswahilli Language and Culture

  • ISBN-13: 9781881265610

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