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The purpose of this book is to explain the different dynamics of the jirga and its relationship within the Pashtun culture in the Pashto-speaking areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The institution of the jirga is the most important element of Pashtun culture and it has played an influential role over Pashtun society for centuries. The jirga system, with its deep roots in Pashtun culture, which is the product of Pashtun tribal society, operates according to the inclusive code of conduct of Pashtunwali. Pashtunwali (پښتونوالي) or Pakhtunwali is a non-written ethical code and traditional lifestyle, which the indigenous Pashtun people from Afghanistan and Pakistan follow.

This book is intended for advanced Pashto language students at ILR Level 3. It contains written and unrehearsed spoken materials from Pakistan (Eastern Pashto) and Afghanistan (Western and Eastern Pashto). Vocabulary lists are provided within each section to define those words that do not appear in Pashto-English Dictionary (Zeeya A. Pashtoon. ISBN: 978-1-931546-70-6. Dunwoody Press, 2009). A Notes section is also included to explain difficult passages and matters of Pashtun culture.

Jirga, A Pashto Cultural Reader


    ISBN: 978-1-931546-90-4

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