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This Uzbek-English, English-Uzbek Disaster Prepardness Glossary is one a series of glossaries prepared by McNeil Technologies and Dunwoody Press to aid disaster relief workers in the event of an international emergency. The approximately 5,500 entries in this glossary address the following subjects: arms contral, biology and biological disasters, chemistry and chemicak disasters, disaster management, export control, general disaster preparedness, medicine, military, natural disasters, nuclear energy, and nuclear disasters, protection devices and measures, radiation and radiological disasters, and verification. The subject categories assigned to each entry are only meant as a general guide to its usage. For ease of use the glossary is divided into four main sections: Uzbek-English, English-Uzbek, Uzbek-English Subject index, and English-Uzbek Subject Index.

Disaster Preparedness Glossary Uzbek- English English - Uzbek

  • ISBN: 978-1-931546-09-6

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