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This reader is intended for students who have completed a basic Cambodian course, specifically the Dunwoody Press Cambodian Intensive Basic Course, but anyone who has a good basic knowledge of Cambodian should be able to profit from this reader. New or difficult words are glossed in each lesson and there is a comprehensive glossary at the end of the reader. Model translations of the lessons are also provided. Each of the twenty-five lessons consist of a reading selection, a series of questions about the selection, a subject on which the student is to compose a one-or two-page composition, a glossary of words that are not contained in the Intensive Basic Course glossary, and a short transcription passage. All of the lessons have been recorded by native speakers and are available separately on cassettes.

4 audio CDs included.

Cambodian Advanced Reader

  • ISBN: 978-1-881265-65-8

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