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The purpose of this reader is to focus on Kurmanji Kurdish as it is spoken in the Badinan region of Iraq. The book consists of three parts.

The grammar section, rather than being a comprehensive description of the Badinan variety, compares and contrasts the varieties in the categories of phonology and orthography, syntax, morphology, and lexicography, particularly as they are observed in the selections of this text. Following the grammar section are selections in both Arabic and Latin scripts, presented in order of increasing difficulty, and containing notes to assist the user in understanding grammar concepts and vocabulary.

The selections are taken from online journals, newspapers, and websites. To preserve their authenticity and to present a realistic picture of the current language situation, the selections have only been changed to correct typographical errors. Each selection is followed by its English translation, which tends toward literal translation in order to illustrate Kurdish sentence structure and style.

The glossary is presented in two separate sections - first is sorted according to Arabic script and the other is sorted by Latin script.

Badinan Kurmanji Reader

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