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101 Turkish Idiomatic Expressions presents a sample of culturally rich Turkish idioms embedded in literary contexts. The book serves not only to teach language, but is a window into contemporary Turkish literature and culture.
The idioms in the book are organized by body organ, beginning with mouth, and continuing on through brain, forehead, neck, nose, chin, tongue, eye, head, eyebrow, ear, heart, and face. For each idiom, there are excerpts from major Turkish literary works which illustrate how the idiom has been used in written language. The passages are drawn from the novels and short stories of such well-known Turkish authors.

101 Turkish Idiomatic Expressions is a unique publication because it relates idioms to literature and provides humorous illustrations which will increase the interest and consequently the perception of students so that they are more attentive in learniing the idioms.

101 Turkish Idiomatic Expressions

  • ISBN: 1-931546-02-9

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